Network Cabling

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Network Cabling Installation

It’s a commonly known fact that electrical wiring has a lifespan, and when electrical systems are engaged in everyday use, wiring can be easily forgotten when it needs to be replaced or when it is not working.

The same goes for electrical cabling for larger systems, such as data communication systems and other networking systems. At Dodd Electric & Data Technologies, we know the best installation and maintenance methods for all of your critical system cabling. Our team also delivers precision replacement for electrical system cables, and knows how to prevent damage to these systems by providing industry best practices for handling, storing, and protecting electrical cabling and other wiring.

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Enhanced Safety & Efficiency

Over the years, Dodd Electric & Data Technologies has helped property owners across Central Texas enhance the safety and efficiency of their electrical cabling.

Regardless of what type of structure you own, everyone’s cabling and wiring occasionally needs updating over the course of the system’s lifetime. Our professional data cabling services ensure a smooth and efficient experience right from the beginning, but we’re also available to deliver swift repairs, replacements, and maintenance for existing cabling as well.

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