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Looking for Effective and Affordable Light Pole Installation Near San Antonio, TX?

Light Pole Installation

Dodd Electric & Data Technologies works with commercial, industrial, and commercial clients in Central Texas to deliver safe, quality light pole installation projects.

We deliver a competitively-priced bid, and once we’re selected, we work with your project’s unique budget to achieve success with the utmost regard for safety. We understand how to repair and install new light poles into an existing grid, keeping them working safely to protect your property or the greater community.

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Dodd Electric & Data Technologies also works with a variety of specialized property owners and developers, providing precision light pole installation in your parking lots and thoroughfares. We can work with your existing lighting systems or help you design and develop new ones to enhance the security and visibility of your property.

We can even re-wire and relocate your existing light poles or refurbish them as needed. The right lighting can make your customers feel safer, reduce crime on your property, and make it easier for vehicles traveling through to see at night. Trust the experts at Dodd Electric & Data Technologies to improve your exterior lighting with professional light pole installation and more.

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If you have any questions regarding our services or our unique process, we invite you to contact our professional team to get started.

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