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HVAC Controls Installation

At Dodd Electric & Data Technologies, we don’t just perform heavy-duty electric repairs and installation. We also work with clients in Central Texas for low voltage equipment repair and maintenance, including a wide range of HVAC Controls.

Our onsite technicians work in and around commercial structures and buildings to install new low voltage systems, perform necessary upgrades, and maintain or repair existing low voltage systems.

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Low Voltage Electrical Installations

Dodd Electric & Data Technologies is a leading local provider of low voltage electrical installations, and we also specialize in building automation and electrical work for fire alarm systems, security systems, electrical monitoring systems, lighting control systems, and other low voltage equipment.

We work with city governments as well as commercial clients, providing state-of-the-art technology to enhance the safety of your property. Our expertise as a low voltage electrician covers onsite installation and maintenance for low voltage systems of every size and complexity.

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